Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blogs, what are they good for?

This is my first blog, (hurray!). Actually, I used to think blogging was a certain type of bowel movement so for years I thought I was an active blogger. What an eye-opener this web-of-net has been. I’m actually a lazy person when it comes to things like this; I’m more of an avid cheese eater kind of a guy, (which might explain the bowel movement thing). That might make me the worst blogger of all time with updates twice a year, but ho-hum, there’s always cheese.

I thought I’d start by completely copping out and writing something with no original content at all. If only I could couple this with a way to make my readers immediately leave my blog for other sites of webness. So here it is, my favorite blogs and sites on the net-of-death.

First of course PZ Myers at Pharyngula. PZ, I mean this with all the professional courtesy I can muster, I want to dry hump your leg for many hours. An excellent blog of wit, delicious godlessness and Cephalopods too! I'm also a fan of another science-blogs writer Ed Brayton and his Dispatches from the Culture Wars blog. Ed by the way, is one of the co-founders of The Pandas Thumb, an excellent anti-creationism site.

While on the subject of creationism, a site called Talk Origins is a good resource for rebutting the burning stupid of creationists. It contains a massive index of every intelligence sucking claim by religious shrews regarding evolution. Talk origins is based in part from the newsgroup Talk.Origins; a great place for biblical laughter if you're bored.

If you are bored, (and you've already seen the posts for the day on Failblog), the Skeptic's Dictionary is a great read, an A-Z index of stupid! The reader comments especially are fun.

Other blogs of interest include Respectful Insolence, Bad Astronomy, Skepchick, The J-Ref Foundation, The Friendly Atheist, and of course The Worldnut Daily.

Ahh, the Worldnut Daily, sometimes called the Wingnut Daily, often fondly referred to as the laugh-bag of cow innards. Posing as a news publication, this site is manned by twisted man-shrews in some form of failed stupid recovery program. It really is comedy at its finest and probably deserves a post of its own.

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